If not now, when?

Hello adventurous people out there,
this is my first post… I’m too excited at the moment, so forgive my clumsy writing please. :))

I’ve been following travel bloggers since a lot of time, enjoying their posts and photographs but always with, let’s face it, a bitter smile… So one day I woke up and I started to think ” wait a second Chiara, you love travelling… that’s what you do! You love exploring new places, taking pictures and share them with the whole world. Instead of admiring others, why don’t you go out there, starting to be exactly the kind of person you admire? ” . And that’s what I did! 

Than, I needed to face people’s judgements like: ” C’mon man, you’re my pal! Seriously???” or “That’s not real. It’s just lots of bulls**** you’re reading online, if you want to live in a proper way, you need to work in the real world!” and worst of all “You’re a girl! ( thanks for noticing by the way ) That’s already insane enough, but what do you think to do all by yourself? You’re gonna be in trouble! ”   … Gee, that’s love! Great advises from all of ’em. 

I’m a Woman and I love exploring the world. I have fun doing it, I feel free! I’ve obviously travelled with friends, but that’s what I called “holiday trip”.

To travel alone makes me feel something special… the feeling of freedom! It helps me to be in touch with my soul and what’s around me all the time. I’m not saying to myself ” something’s gonna happen to you, ’cause you’re a girl”… Oh God, we’re in 2017 and being a woman it’s still a big problem, much less travelling alone.

But that’s my objective with this blog! 

I’m not an expert and I certainly don’t want to teach anything to anyone here. I just want to see the world feeling free to do it.

With this blog, I’m gonna share my adventures and the world through my eyes with you, hoping to inspire you to always go for whatever makes you happy and, luckily, to help some girls out there being stronger and with more self-confidence, to live the life of their dream!

Life is an adventure and I strongly believe that once we come to the world, we shoud live it in its fulfillness!!!


I’ll see you around, folks! ;D 




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