Exploring Tenerife’s colours: Day 2

First in Europe, second in the world, Loro Parque is an amazing animal themepark located in Puerto de la Cruz.  Mainly famous for its parrots collection, it also houses dolphins, California sea lions, orcas, giant Galapagos tortoises, iguanas, jaguars, penguins and many more!

You can easily get there thanks to the special Loro Parque Bus or the Shuttle Express, but anyway I recommend you this Tenerife Travel Guide before arriving there. Don’t know you guys, but I always wanna know how to take the best from every place without missing anything! ❤


From the moment your visit begins, its gonna be like stepping into another world when go through the Thai themed entrance, where you can explore Katandra Treetops, the Thai Village and a magical kingdom.

First animals I saw were parrots in their amazing variety of colours.


What I truly liked was the atmosphere. When I was a little girl, I’ve been few times at the zoo. I so didn’t like it! I mean, there was always something nice but, most of the time, I was feeling sad for those animals… all of them quite, some of them were sleeping or doing just few movements ( by the way, they didn’t have so much space to move ) and there was always this loud music coming from somewhere.

I wasn’t ready for this at all. Now I see why it’s the best zoological garden in Europe! It’s an animal reserve, full of green and lakes. It’s so nice just having a walk there and feeling peaceful, ’cause the only sound you hear it’s the one of birds and nature!

If you just wanna have fun instead or you have kids well, this park has a big variety of shows. You can choose between 7 amazing shows or, as I did ( lol), join them all!

But the best discover ever has been Animal Embassy, which is a firm commitment to ecology and preservation of the planet!

This area is dedicated to educate the visitors about the importance of the respect for the environment and the animals that inhabit the earth. One of the buildings of Animal Embassy houses a research center where the cognitive development of the birds will be studied. Another great building is the Baby Clinic, where the vets are taking care of the newborns!

That’s all for now!


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