Exploring Tenerife’s colours: if a storm hits the north, I go to the south.

Most of the time, I walked with a look of wonder on my face… like when I’ve been in Playa De Las Teresitas: where the sand comes from the Sahara desert! …18836149_10212195836553296_1537159386_o18817724_10212195836833303_317631379_o18789939_10212195839753376_1605974211_o18817395_10212195838993357_837479491_o18789848_10212195835353266_1205699005_o

I had the pleasure to meet a wonderful human being there! Thanks to him, I got more knowledge about Tenerife itself, like best places to visit or typical things to do, plus he told me his story! Don’t know about you, but I love listening to people’stories ( yes, I’m the kind of person that looks at a girl who’s reading in the underground and I imagine what her life could be ). From Argentina he moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerife more than 20 years ago and he never left, except for travelling from time to time!

While he was showing me Santa Cruz area, I realized the weather was changing.

You know, I also chose Tenerife ‘cause I was tired of the cloudy and rainy London weather but, obviously, after two days in the north of the island, a storm decided to show up! 😀
Mauro, this guy, suggested me to go to the south, where it’s sunny 364 days per year since the atmospheric conditions are affected by Africa.
That’s exactly what I did.

Los Cristianos.

I felt the difference in a second. The climate there is completely different from the north, I couldn’t stop singing Waka Waka by Shakira!


Different weather, different flora, different kind of people! Easy to realize how many young people there were around! From Los Cristianos to Costa Adeje, the population is mainly young while the other side of the island is definitely a more relaxed area!

I met a group of australian friends in Playa de las Vistas! They were travelling on the road as well and Tenerife was the last milestone before coming back home! This is another good reason why I don’t mind to travel alone; whoever you meet is a new friend!18838409_10212195841033408_1257075625_o18698765_10212195840953406_1513627018_o18817618_10212195837873329_736926460_o18869702_10212195840393392_1618740065_o

We were chatting about our adventures, when a huge wave ( this is why surfing is so popular there 😀 ) flooded us! Everything was wet and full of sand, thank God my lovely Travel Pack is waterproof and I didn’t lose anything!

Speaking about moments of luck, while I was walking down the coast I run into a wonderful version of paradise:18817626_10212195839433368_940622584_o

I’m telling you, if you love the ocean, palm trees, hot weather, music and a perfect mojito, this is the place for you! … Sure it is for me! Lol18818081_10212195839073359_327318018_o

Food, weather, animals, colours, activities, nature…
I visited so many beautiful places and met plenty of kind and friendly people, that I’m gonna go back to Tenerife as soon as possible!

He knows everything! 😀

The worst part of a journey is the end, but I’m used to think positive… where there is an ending, there’s a beginning! Time to plan next trip on the road!

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear as many places as possible from all of you!

Thanks for reading, folks!

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  1. Great post! I’ve just moved to Tenerife and have been working in the North but I live in the South and I can’t get over how different the weather is! I’ll be coming back to this for some inspiration for places to go!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Wow you’ve just moved there! Where exactly? I’ll tell you when I’ll come back ( hopefully asap), it would be nice meeting you in person😄
      Enjoy the weather and every single thing Tenerife has got!
      P.s. I’d love if you joined the game I’ve just opened ( my last post)! 😜👍


  2. It’s the rainy season here in my country. But I know somewhere in the world is still sunny. Further, I also want to try to travel alone and meet new friends. Thanks for a great post Chiara 😘

    Liked by 2 people

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