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I apologize for the delay ( laptop troubles -.-” ), but here I am to declare a winner from Game: what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done during a trip? 😀

First of all I want to thank each one of you for your participation, it was so funny and exciting to read your stories 😀

As I promised I’m gonna tell you which one is my weirdest thing during a trip:

When I traveled along Tenerife, I stopped by this beach on the west coast named Playa de las Vistas! Lots of people were doing surf and I promise I can tell why!

There were huge waves all the time but, after a long walk through the coast, I was soo melting that I needed to feel refresched!  I can guarantee you, it wasn’t easy but so far, it was okay. After that, my plan was to relax and lay down on the sand for a couple of hours and then keep walking along the coast… WRONG!  I well thought to put my beach towel not too close to the ocean shore and when the  water reached the first line  of beach towels I felt so bad for the owners and reassured at the same time to see my backpack still dry! I took a deep breath then and I started to relax.

As soon as I closed my eyes feeling relaxed and excited for the great experience I was living, a big wave reached me in its fabulous speed! EVERYTHING was completely wet and full of wet sand, even myself that I was finally starting to get clean and dry under the sun! I couldn’t do anything about it except laughing! Next to me there was this group of Australian guys laughing like crazy and me with them, ’cause it was literally the only thing we could do! Thank God my super backpack is waterproof, so everything I had inside was still dry ( I also had documents and money xD ) ! Thanks babe

to save my travel stuff *-* !!! LOL

That was one of my stories, hope I made you smile! :))

Let’s come back to the game now!

Even though I loved all of your stories, one in particular turned into my favourite!!! And the winner of the game is…




CONGRATULATIONS!!! I totally loved your funny and weird story about Onsen in Japan! Thank you very much for sharing it with all of us! You didn’t leave your email, so if you could just write it down in the comments below, it would be great! 😀 Looking forward to our interview ( which I’ll publish asap and I’ll share on socials 😀 )

Thanks to all the contenders who have joined the game, I really really appreciate that and above all, I had fun! Thank you!!!



Stay tuned for my next post, wanderers!

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Game: what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done during a trip?

Have you ever said to yourself ” Oh God, I will never forget that thing”, at the end of a trip?

I was talking with a friend yesterday that I don’t see since a while and, speaking about travels and stuff, she asked me ” what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done there?” … I smiled at first, then I answered! Couldn’t stop thinking about this topic during the evening and I started wondering what a nice game this could be to get to know each other better! 😀 😀

In two weeks time ( on Saturday the 24th ) I’ll say what is my weirdest thing done during one of my trips. In this way we can keep in touch reading each other funny ( or not ?! 😛 ) stories.

The weirdest story is gonna win an interview that I’ll share on my website and social n. such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin an Instagram.

When you’ll leave a comment below with your answer, don’t forget to write your email address too… in this way I can easily contact you! 😉

I’m so excited! Cant’ wait to read your stories 😀 😀

Ready to have some fun?

3 – 2 – 1 …

Let’s goooooooo!!!


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Exploring Tenerife’s colours: if a storm hits the north, I go to the south.

Most of the time, I walked with a look of wonder on my face… like when I’ve been in Playa De Las Teresitas: where the sand comes from the Sahara desert! …18836149_10212195836553296_1537159386_o18817724_10212195836833303_317631379_o18789939_10212195839753376_1605974211_o18817395_10212195838993357_837479491_o18789848_10212195835353266_1205699005_o

I had the pleasure to meet a wonderful human being there! Thanks to him, I got more knowledge about Tenerife itself, like best places to visit or typical things to do, plus he told me his story! Don’t know about you, but I love listening to people’stories ( yes, I’m the kind of person that looks at a girl who’s reading in the underground and I imagine what her life could be ). From Argentina he moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerife more than 20 years ago and he never left, except for travelling from time to time!

While he was showing me Santa Cruz area, I realized the weather was changing.

You know, I also chose Tenerife ‘cause I was tired of the cloudy and rainy London weather but, obviously, after two days in the north of the island, a storm decided to show up! 😀
Mauro, this guy, suggested me to go to the south, where it’s sunny 364 days per year since the atmospheric conditions are affected by Africa.
That’s exactly what I did.

Los Cristianos.

I felt the difference in a second. The climate there is completely different from the north, I couldn’t stop singing Waka Waka by Shakira!


Different weather, different flora, different kind of people! Easy to realize how many young people there were around! From Los Cristianos to Costa Adeje, the population is mainly young while the other side of the island is definitely a more relaxed area!

I met a group of australian friends in Playa de las Vistas! They were travelling on the road as well and Tenerife was the last milestone before coming back home! This is another good reason why I don’t mind to travel alone; whoever you meet is a new friend!18838409_10212195841033408_1257075625_o18698765_10212195840953406_1513627018_o18817618_10212195837873329_736926460_o18869702_10212195840393392_1618740065_o

We were chatting about our adventures, when a huge wave ( this is why surfing is so popular there 😀 ) flooded us! Everything was wet and full of sand, thank God my lovely Travel Pack is waterproof and I didn’t lose anything!

Speaking about moments of luck, while I was walking down the coast I run into a wonderful version of paradise:18817626_10212195839433368_940622584_o

I’m telling you, if you love the ocean, palm trees, hot weather, music and a perfect mojito, this is the place for you! … Sure it is for me! Lol18818081_10212195839073359_327318018_o

Food, weather, animals, colours, activities, nature…
I visited so many beautiful places and met plenty of kind and friendly people, that I’m gonna go back to Tenerife as soon as possible!

He knows everything! 😀

The worst part of a journey is the end, but I’m used to think positive… where there is an ending, there’s a beginning! Time to plan next trip on the road!

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear as many places as possible from all of you!

Thanks for reading, folks!

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Go for whatever makes you happy!

This is not gonna be exactly a travel guide, rather a guide to inner happiness! It worked for me, why should not that work for you too?

“ I don’t want to go there” , “ I hate my job” , “ I hate my life”, “ I don’t have time enough to go out with my friends, I need to work”, “I’m always tired” … How many times did you mention, at least, one of them?

Before quitting my job, I did it… plenty of times!

It just comes a moment where you’re not happy anymore and the only thing you want is running away for a while, but then, let’s be honest, you’re gonna face it anyway as soon as you’ll be back!

During the last year and half, I spent my days in a relationship that was burying me… I was so focused on another person that I forgot who I was and what I was doing with my life. Well sometimes, even if it doesn’t seem in that moment, to break up can save your life! I kept going with my routine, doing a job I didn’t want since the first moment, living in a place where I didn’t want to stay anymore, til one point when everything was more than enough.

What I’ve always been looking for is Freedom! The pure essence of Freedom and its smell. The only times I feel it are when I’m playing a character and I’m travelling and I even dream of earning a living by it… so, why not?

One day I said Stop. I realized that I wanted to quit everything and I did it. Obviously I was aware of my actions. To quit a job without having another one, not sure about what to do next, was running a big big risk… but I told to myself that sometimes running a risk might be the only way to get the life you really want, while being stuck in something you don’t is just a waste of time that no one is gonna give you back.

So I quit. Luckly, I already had tickets for Tenerife and I took advantage of the trip to better understand how to proceed. I opened the travel blog and my adventure began!

Since that moment everything get better and better… Obviously I needed to save a bit of money to survive… still living in London which is not exactly a cheap city to live in.

Today I’m doing lots of things that allow me to be my own boss, working wherever I want without anyone around who’s pointing the finger to tell me what  I can and cannot do. I figured it out that I was just looking for my freedom, since I lost it somewhere in the past year… but then I found it! I understood it never went away, I was just blind and in the moment in which I decided to fight for my happiness… there it goes: freedom was smiling at me!

I started doing researches and I realized how much there’s to learn to do this kind of business. Following other experienced travel bloggers, watching videos, reading business books ( this one has been sooo useful The Business of Creativity ) and following courses about internet marketing, blogging and influencer techniques are just the beginning but, as long as it makes me feel happy, I’ll keep doing it!
I totally understand it’s very very veeeeery tough to quit something that gives you a certain balance to get the one that seems a black hole, but the truth is that it’s not! Yes you’re jumping from a high floor, but you don’t know you’re not gonna be broken. You’re not gonna be hurt… there’s the safest protection ever ready to support your fall which is your strengh, your self-confidence and your desire to be happy! The only risk you’re running is keep staying where you are, without doing any changes because you’re scared! I was in your same position, I do understand you, but I can honestly tell that don’t move is scariest. Don’t allow fear to stop you! Do you remember the black hole I mentioned before? Once you jump, the only thing you see is light! You start seeing everything with colors and not just black and white! You undestand it’s worth it and even if you need to do some sacrificies at the beginning, it’s gonna be worth it anyway! Better to sacrifice something but for your health and happiness rather than for your boss or for someone else.

If you’re thinking to do the same or you’ve just started,remember that you’re gonna be your own boss which is not that easy! You’ll need to learn how to manage time and I suggest you to write down your goals… it’s gonna be easier when you’re gonna feel a bit lost! I bought this goal diary A5 Ultimate Diary Planner 2017: Perfect for women in business to list every single thing I wanted to do and it helped… still helping actually!
We do focus on the pursuit of happiness and then we do the opposite… what kind of game is this? I decided I didn’t want to play anymore! It was time to end up that game and start living the life I’ve always dreamed of!
We should fight guys! Fight for our own happiness everyday… especially now that the world is upside down and we’re surrounded by the war, sadness and fear! We can’t play their game, we still have the chance to wake up and stand for what we truly believe, for what make us happy and it doesn’t matter what other people could say. It is not our problem, instead living a life of regrets it is!
And there is one last thought I want to share with you: it is never, never too late to be happy!
Stop reading here now and go outside living your dream! Remember: “ No one is so important to take away the smile from your face” !!!


Exploring Tenerife’s colours: Day 2

First in Europe, second in the world, Loro Parque is an amazing animal themepark located in Puerto de la Cruz.  Mainly famous for its parrots collection, it also houses dolphins, California sea lions, orcas, giant Galapagos tortoises, iguanas, jaguars, penguins and many more!

You can easily get there thanks to the special Loro Parque Bus or the Shuttle Express, but anyway I recommend you this Tenerife Travel Guide before arriving there. Don’t know you guys, but I always wanna know how to take the best from every place without missing anything! ❤


From the moment your visit begins, its gonna be like stepping into another world when go through the Thai themed entrance, where you can explore Katandra Treetops, the Thai Village and a magical kingdom.

First animals I saw were parrots in their amazing variety of colours.


What I truly liked was the atmosphere. When I was a little girl, I’ve been few times at the zoo. I so didn’t like it! I mean, there was always something nice but, most of the time, I was feeling sad for those animals… all of them quite, some of them were sleeping or doing just few movements ( by the way, they didn’t have so much space to move ) and there was always this loud music coming from somewhere.

I wasn’t ready for this at all. Now I see why it’s the best zoological garden in Europe! It’s an animal reserve, full of green and lakes. It’s so nice just having a walk there and feeling peaceful, ’cause the only sound you hear it’s the one of birds and nature!

If you just wanna have fun instead or you have kids well, this park has a big variety of shows. You can choose between 7 amazing shows or, as I did ( lol), join them all!

But the best discover ever has been Animal Embassy, which is a firm commitment to ecology and preservation of the planet!

This area is dedicated to educate the visitors about the importance of the respect for the environment and the animals that inhabit the earth. One of the buildings of Animal Embassy houses a research center where the cognitive development of the birds will be studied. Another great building is the Baby Clinic, where the vets are taking care of the newborns!

That’s all for now!


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Thanks for reading and stay tuned!!! 😀

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Exploring Tenerife’s colours: Day 1

I decided to escape for a while from the lovely London weather ( generally we all know how it is in London 😀 ), so I packed my stuff and I flighted to this amazing, beautiful canary island: Tenerife!

Most people think going to a nice hotel, having some cocktails and enjoying the sunset is the proper way to feel the island’s spirit. While this is actually relaxing, I think going by yourself on a road trip up through the island is far better.

Free to go wherever I wanted and stop anytime I desired, I had an amazing experience not only visiting places where nature is the keyword, but also having the opportunity to meet some island’s habitants who told me a lot about the history, the climate, the gastronomy and beautiful places to discover.

Let’s check it out together!!!

Aeropuerto Reina Sofia to Puerto de la Cruz:


For those of you who want to see and discover the highlights of Tenerife,  you can either rent a car (  ) or to visit by bus (   it’s the main public transport that travels all over the island).

From the south to the north you’re gonna enjoy the trip since you have two different kinds of views and colours to look at. On one side the rugged and steep coast surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its deep blue; on the other one instead, the Spain’s highest mountain, mount Teide, a slumbering giant volcano (Earth’s third highest volcano) followed by mountains and volcanic valleys.

One of these valleys is Guìmar, one of the Tenerife’s oldest towns and one of the first areas to be settled by the Spanish. Next to me on the bus, there was this old man (born in the island ) that, noticing my curiosity, started to tell me some stories.

He told me about Guìmar, famous for its Guanche pyramids built from lava stone without any human’s help. There were 9 of them, but unfortunately only 6 survived. He told me about its plantation of sugar, potatoes and avocados and, above all, he told me that in the early morning he’s used to go to the port of Guimar for fishing and to wish himself good luck ( but forget about saying to a fisherman have a good day ), he performs a short fish dance! I’m still hoping one day I’m gonna see him doing it. 😀

Puerto De La Cruz:

I got lost. It was sooo me! Everytime I don’t know exactly where I’m going, I usually find something amazing… in this case I explored the old part of the town. A walk in there allowed me to discover quite places, a delicious smell coming from tapas bars, the 1632 catholic church which is La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Pena de Francia, the castle of San Felipe, the Convento de San Juan Baptista, a fresh cut grass smell and just in front of me… the ocean! Not that bad for someone who got lost 😀

Photo 24-04-2017, 17 29 23

Photo 24-04-2017, 17 31 56
Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Pena de Francia
Photo 25-04-2017, 18 33 48
Plaza de Europa
Photo 25-04-2017, 18 35 00Photo 25-04-2017, 18 39 20

Puerto de la Cruz’s always been popular between tourists and it’s one of the top destination of the Canary Islands, but now I understand why. It’s an oasi of green land and tropical fruits plantation ( in fact, nothing’s better than drinking a fresh natural pineapple juice, while you’re enjoying the tropical weather ).

I’ve found this town very characteristic with its narrow streets and traditional cafès and tapas bars. If you’re a tired traveller looking for some tranquility and culture, that’s a very nice place to visit. There’s the Lago Martianez (designed by architect and artist César Manrique), which is a water park with lots of swimming pools and a salt water lake where even the stones in the floor got their own geological history. Everything’s surrounded by a sub-tropical garden!!! It looks like a paradise and it actually is!

Photo 24-04-2017, 17 52 47
Lago Martiànez

Photo 24-04-2017, 20 21 10Photo 24-04-2017, 20 41 31Photo 25-04-2017, 12 28 37Photo 25-04-2017, 13 43 34

Photo 25-04-2017, 15 10 53
Playa de Martiànez

Puerto de la Cruz is also famous for the beautiful Jardin Botànico and Playa Jardìn, a beach full of palm trees and volcanic black sand. I figured it out that its name symbolises the rich environment of flowers and plant life and It’s a great place to take some amazing pictures!Photo 24-04-2017, 20 29 28Photo 24-04-2017, 17 34 26

Another reason that makes Puerto de la Cruz a top destination is Loro Parque, an animal adventure park with lots of sea animals, but above all it houses the largest parrot collection in the whole world.

And that was just the first day!

To find out more about Loro Parque and my adventures around this amazing island, give me a feedback about this post with a like or a comment and if you liked it, subscribe and share it with your friends! 😀

Thanks for reading and see you soon, folks! 😀

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I'm so happy cause two wonderful things happened to me today!

The first one is that I got my first 100 followers here 😍👯 and the second one is that a website called "The Travel Hub" just published a review about my Tenerife adventures and I'm definitely thrilled 😍❤️

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